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Expertise in advancing enrollment services

College and universities face many challenges as they seek to meet strategic enrollment objectives in an increasingly competitive, complex, regulatory and technologically enhanced higher education environment.

Registrar and Enrollment Services Consulting for Colleges and Universities (RESCCU) is a higher education consulting company that provides tailored, strategic enrollment management consulting services and solutions to resolve your institution's enrollment management issues. RESCCU specializes in helping colleges and universities transform their registrar and other enrollment management units' services to better support students and their families, faculty and staff.


"Evelyn has been great and she is thorough! She is guiding us through this process."
LaVerne Hill-Flanagan,
University of the District of Columbia


Dr. Evelyn R. Babey, RESCCU founder and principal consultant, brings more than 35 years of national and international higher education registrar and enrollment services organizational and technological leadership and management experience to her clients. Dr. Babey's wide ranging experiences give her broad access to an experienced, diverse crew of professionals with strong records of achievement to assist her. Our goal is to empower your registrar and other enrollment management units to deliver enhanced services that help you recruit and retain top-quality students, help them attain their educational objectives, and foster constructive alumni relations.

Consider these questions

  • Is your staff facing complex enrollment management obstacles that prevent your institution from attaining a competitive edge in recruiting, retaining and graduating the students that meet your institution's strategic goals and objectives?
  • In an environment of limited resources, do you want to transform your student enrollment services units to better meet the expectations of prospective and current students and other constituents?
  • Does your institution suffer performance gaps that limit productivity and hinder the delivery of effectual and efficient customer service?
  • Is resistance to change compromising your enrollment management potential?

Transform your customer service and improve your competitive advantage today.

  • People performance and intellectual capacity to enhance customer service
  • Processes to improve quality, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Administrative use of appropriate technology and tools to increase productivity and delivery of superior services
  • Space planning and management for more effectual work, teaching and learning, and student life environments
  • Resources and return on investment

RESCCU brings a fresh, unbiased perspective to solving your most complex enrollment management challenges. RESCCU delivers services that respond to and resolve critical enrollment management issues. Our enrollment management consulting services and solutions are tailored to strategically enhance your customer services, increase your productivity and improve your competitive advantage.

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